If you’re getting ready for spring cleaning, you’ll find it helpful to know about several areas homeowners frequently overlook. Here are five spots that are often missed when spring cleaning. When planning a deep clean of your home, do a thorough job by adding these tasks to your to-do list. 

Curtains and Blinds

After your regular cleaning routine, the windows might be sparkling, but homeowners often overlook the blinds and curtains. These materials attract dust and dirt over time.

Clean the blinds with a duster and wash the curtains. Check the care label so you know how the fabric should be cleaned. Some curtains are machine washable, while others must be dry cleaned.

Vacuum the Mattress During Spring Cleaning

A mattress can accumulate bacteria, pet dander, and dust that might affect your sleep. There’s no better time to spruce up your mattress than when you’re spring cleaning the house.

Remove the sheets and mattress cover to wash them. Sprinkle the mattress with baking soda and allow it to sit for at least 20 minutes. Use your vacuum to remove the product and freshen your mattress. 

Dust the Ceiling Fans

Although you may not look at the blades often, ceiling fans are a magnet for dust, pet fur, and other allergens. Cleaning the blades helps the fan run better and improves the air quality in your home.

Trap dust, dirt, and other debris easily by putting a pillowcase over each fan blade. Pull the pillowcase off the blade carefully to keep the debris inside before emptying it outdoors. Next, wipe down the fan blades with a microfiber cloth to remove any remaining dust.

Spring Cleaning the Closets

Whether you store clothes, blankets, or other miscellaneous things, organizing the closets in your home is a great spring cleaning activity. Clutter-free closets provide more space to store belongings. A closet clean-out is an excellent opportunity to get rid of things you no longer want or need. 

Carpet Cleaning

Another spring cleaning activity that is often overlooked is cleaning the carpets. A vacuum only removes a portion of the trapped dirt from the carpet fibers. Using special equipment, a professional will deep clean the areas your vacuum cannot reach. The carpeting and rugs will look better, and the entire room will feel fresh and clean. 

Taking care of these five often missed areas when spring cleaning will guarantee your home is thoroughly clean and ready for the warm weather ahead.

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