Spring and summer are often the busiest selling seasons of the year, but it’s still possible to sell your home in winter for a great price. A little bit of preparation can make a big difference in your house’s selling price and how long it sits on the market. How can you prepare now and reap the rewards when your home sells?

Set Your Thermostat Higher

When showing your home, you never want to give buyers a reason to think that something might be wrong with your HVAC system. Hot and cold spots and drafty areas are red flags that might make prospective buyers think your furnace is in need of repair. If you sell your home in the winter, set the thermostat to keep all areas of the home warm. The slightly higher heating bills will be worth it if you leave potential buyers with a good impression of your cozy home.

Point Out Energy-Efficient Features to Sell Your Home in Winter

Because heating bills are such a large expense for homeowners, winter is the perfect time to highlight energy-efficient features around your house. During a pre-listing home inspection, ask your home inspector to conduct an energy audit that pinpoints areas where you are losing warm air. You will receive a report that has easy steps to take before you sell your home in the winter, like replacing weatherstripping or filling small cracks around windows and pipes.

Boost Curb Appeal to Sell Your Home in Winter

In summer and spring, many home sellers are conscious of curb appeal and the importance of maintaining their landscaping, pruning bushes and trees, and mowing the lawn. However, if you sell your home in the winter, that does not mean that you can skip thinking about curb appeal. Remove snow and ice from your driveway and walkways before showings or taking listing photos of the property. Put an attractive wreath on your front door and consider adding hanging baskets or planters outside for a pop of color.

Light Up the Living Spaces

When you sell your home in the winter, you are selling during the time of the year with the fewest hours of daylight. Because there won’t be evening sunlight coming in the windows, make sure that every room in your home has plenty of artificial light. Check the bulbs in all fixtures to make sure that they do not need to be replaced, and consider adding brighter bulbs with higher wattage. When possible, add more lamps to each room so the spaces are bright and welcoming despite the weather.

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