Plants are an excellent option for adding ambiance to your patio. Plant them in pots or soil along the edge. Plants make outdoor living spaces feel welcoming and more personalized. Here are a few attractive plants for your patio that are easy to grow and look beautiful in the environment.

Plants for Your Patio: Sweet Alyssum

Sweet alyssum is known for its tiny, white flowers. It expands to fill almost any pot or planter box. Alyssum is one of the best plants for a patio because of the flowers’ neutral white color. Regardless of the color of your home’s siding or the materials of your deck, the white alyssum flowers will coordinate nicely.

Alyssum will tolerate shade, making it a good choice for pots and planters on a shaded deck or porch.


Fuchsia is a great plant to include if your patio is fully covered and shaded. It loves the shade and is the most vibrant in the spring and fall when temperatures are slightly cooler. Fuchsia flowers are pink, purple, and white and have a drooping growth habit. For this reason, homeowners often plant fuchsia in hanging baskets.


Croton is known for its colorful orange, yellow, and reddish leaves. The plants don’t continuously flower, but when they do, the flowers are stark white. Croton does well in containers, making it a popular patio plant. Use a well-draining potting mix and grow croton in full sun. Bring the plant indoors in the winter and keep it going all year long.

Cherry Tomatoes: Vegetable Plants for Your Patio

Choose a plant that doubles as a food source to make the most of the space. Potted cherry tomato plants are often sold at home improvement stores and garden centers. Cherry tomatoes don’t require much care beyond regular watering. For a more dramatic look, purchase a variety that climbs a trellis, and plant it near the edge of your patio with a structure to climb.


Lavender grows well on the patio because it tolerates shade and can thrive in a pot. It has a lovely scent, making your outdoor area a more enjoyable space to read or relax. There are many varieties of lavender. Ask your local garden center to learn about lavender plants that grow well in pots.

Bee Balm

Bee balm is one of the best plants for a patio’s perimeter. It’s a small, shrub-like plant with a citrusy scent that attracts honeybees and butterflies. Its flowers are small and purple-blue or red. Bee balm can withstand drought, so you won’t have to water it often.

These plants for your patio are relatively easy to grow and maintain. Plant flowers and veggies that you enjoy when choosing options for your deck, porch, or patio.

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