Whether you enjoy DIY home improvements or want to do some quick repairs, it is crucial to have the necessary tools for simple household tasks. However, knowing what tools to buy can be challenging, especially if you’re a new homeowner. To help you stock your toolbox, here is a list of a few must-have tools.

Must-Have Tools Include Pliers

Pliers are a helpful addition to your toolbox. They provide the grip required when loosening or tightening nuts. Pliers are also useful for straightening bent metal, cutting and stripping wires, and removing nails. Many types of pliers are available, but a set with diagonal pliers, needle-nose pliers, and lineman’s pliers will be sufficient for most home maintenance projects.

Utility Knives

Just like the name suggests, utility knives have many uses. You’ll use them around the house, from trimming carpet edges to opening boxes. They are also helpful in various home projects and are generally safer to use than a pocket knife.

Shop for a utility knife with a sturdy blade and comfortable handle. If possible, buy one with several replacement blades so you can change the blade when one of them gets dull.

A Hammer is a Must-Have Tool for Homeowners

Many DIY projects require removing or installing nails. When purchasing a hammer, opt for a lightweight one and another that’s heavyweight. A lightweight hammer is for smaller tasks such as hanging artwork, while a heavyweight hammer will secure larger nails, like the ones used to replace roofing shingles.


A ladder is another must-have tool for your home. It helps you access areas that exceed your reach, like the ceiling or roof, making maintenance tasks more manageable. Use a ladder when changing light bulbs, cleaning gutters, trimming hedges, or putting up holiday decorations.

However, if you have never tried climbing a ladder or are afraid of heights, it is advisable to hire professionals to handle tasks that involve using one.

Purchase an LED Flashlight

An LED flashlight can come in handy during a blackout or when working in poorly lit areas like the basement. Keep a functioning flashlight in your toolbox and a few extra batteries if you need to replace them.

If you live in an area prone to power outages, purchase a few flashlights for each family member.


You’ll need a place to store your household tool kit. A toolbox makes organizing and carrying your equipment simple. It also helps keep all your tools together, making them easier to find. Invest in a good toolbox with a strong handle to keep your items safe. If you can’t afford one, find a sturdy container and use it to store your equipment.

With the above must-have tools, you can tackle basic DIY tasks and make quick fixes around the home. Purchase quality tools so they last you a lifetime.

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