Many households have garages that are so cluttered that they can’t park their cars in the space. Garages protect vehicles from theft and the elements. However, if all your stored belongings are disorganized, your garage can’t serve its primary purpose. Here are 4 garage storage solutions that will help you keep your garage tidy.

Heavy Duty Shelves are Garage Storage Solutions

Place heavy-duty shelving along the walls of the garage to keep your storage from spilling out into the middle of the space. This type of rack shelving is expensive but well worth it. It is important to invest in heavy-duty metal shelves rather than flimsy plastic ones because they will support heavy items and last for decades. While more costly, you won’t have to replace them or worry about them buckling under heavier items.

Overhead Storage

Another way to keep the garage clear for parking your cars is to store items from the ceiling. Bolt large hooks to the ceiling studs to hold bulky sporting goods like kayaks and bikes. You can also install brackets that allow plastic bins to slide into them and hang from the ceiling. If you are an experienced DIYer, you can even build a platform that raises and lowers with a pulley system.

Plastic Drawers

Sets of plastic drawers are similar to plastic bins, just in a different format. They are perfect for storing smaller things like first-aid supplies, flashlights, and other items that you might need in a disaster or power outage. Keep a set of drawers filled with necessities in an accessible part of your garage so that if you’re ever in an emergency situation, you have the supplies you need in one place.

Garage Storage Solutions Include Pegboard

Pegboard is a popular storage solution for garages because it is affordable and versatile. Mount pegboards on the walls and hang hooks from holes to store tools, paintbrushes, and other home improvement supplies. You can also hang small plastic boxes to hold small nails and screws, which would otherwise be disorganized or misplaced.

No matter how many garage storage solutions you use, the space will likely still collect things you don’t want in the house. To keep garage organization under control, tidy up the space often. Get rid of things that you don’t need and put things away where they belong. Set aside a day once a month to clean up the garage and add more storage solutions as needed.

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